Volume 4, Issue 3, May 2019, Page: 120-124
Review of Market Chain Analysis of Vegetable in Ethiopia
Yalemwork Amare, Department of Agricultural Economics, Raya University, Maichew, Ethiopia
Received: Mar. 25, 2019;       Accepted: Apr. 26, 2019;       Published: Jun. 10, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijae.20190403.15      View  442      Downloads  130
Vegetable are the most important horticultural crops among smallholder farmers because they derive benefits such as income, source of food, health care and rural employment. The market chain of vegetable in Ethiopia was limited due to lack of market information, price volatility related to seasonality of supply, perishability of product and poor performance of the vegetable market. The objective of this review was to review on vegetables market chain analysis, to review determinants of vegetables level of supply in Ethiopia and review vegetable marketing and its constraints in Ethiopia. Main marketing actors of vegetable in Ethiopia was producer, farmer traders, middlemen/ broker, wholesaler, retailers, transporters and consumer. In this review producers sell vegetable especially to wholesalers who resell to retailers and to consumers are major channel in different studies area. In this review was some of the principal production constraints are absence of reliable seed supply and unplanned production of vegetables crop, diseases and insect pests, lack of credit and insufficient product handling are problem on production of vegetables. Vegetable marketing is also constrained by lack of market information systems, poor market opportunities and high perishability. Several factors were identified by different studies on determinants of vegetables market supply in Ethiopia. Access to market information, quantity produce, and extension service was positive effect on market supply. Whereas distance to market was affect negatively in different studies
Channels, Constraints, Market Chain, Vegetable
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